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The Kortright Photovoltaic Performance Verification (PVPV) Program is Ontario's premier performance monitoring facility

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Kortright’s Third Party Performance Verification of Domestic Content Modules instills consumer confidence in Ontario Made products and technologies

The Living City Campus at Kortright, Canada's most established renewable energy demonstration and training facility, is home to PVPV, Canada's ultimate photovoltaic testing facility and showcase for Ontario clean energy manufacturing, technology and innovation.

  • The true value of PV is energy yield (kWh/kW) and not power rating under Standard Test Conditions (STC).

Monitored by the Sustainable Technology Evaluation Program (STEP), of the Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), PVPV uses module level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and independent module level performance analyzers, and monitors the following:

    • Module Power Measurements
    • Independent flash testing under Standard Test Conditions (STC),
    • On-site total global insolation and plane of the array insolation data,
    • On-site ambient and module temperature data,
    • On-site wind speed data.
  • PVPV is the ultimate source of Ontario energy yield data and the primary input for enhanced performance modeling.

  • PVPV delivers high quality module data from an Ontario environment and places your domestic content module at center stage in the Ontario PV marketplace.

  • PVPV issues monthly and annual reports of energy yield data.